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Let Us Handle Dangerous Chemical Cleanup

Certified Hazardous Spill Cleanup in San Jose Area

San Jose Chemical Cleanup

Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose technicians have the special training and equipment mandated by strict regulations governing the cleanup of hazardous chemical spills. We have the capability to quickly and completely sanitize an area contaminated by chemicals, making it suitable for use as soon as possible.

Undertaking chemical cleanup yourself can put family members, employees, customers and the public at risk of serious health consequences, and may even be illegal. Trust the professionals at Service Master All Care Restoration during those emergencies when it is critical to limit the exposure of people to chemicals.

When a chemical spill happens, don't be fooled. It takes more than latex gloves and a mop to adequately handle a complex chemical cleanup job. Even household chemicals like ammonia, chlorine bleach, toilet cleaners, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals should not be cleaned up without professional tools and knowledge. Disposal of waste may be controlled and possibly dangerous.

Contact the company with the expertise to do the job the right way - Service Master All Care Restoration. Customer support specialists are waiting to take your call at 408-885-0280.

Chemical cleanup is one of several specialty services we offer throughout the San Jose metro area and the nearby communities of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, Milpitas and Morgan Hill.

Professional Chemical Clean Up at 408-885-0280

Some employees who handle chemicals in a business or industrial setting are unprepared to deal with an accident or spill involving those chemicals. Training for dispense and cleanup is important but may be overlooked. Service Master All Care Restoration crews are certified to handle all types of chemicals and bio-hazardous materials in a variety of emergency situations.

When we are called to the scene of a San Jose area spill or accident, we quickly take these steps to make an area habitable again after contamination:

When you need professional chemical cleanup, quick response is essential. Call Service Master All Care Restoration immediately at 408-885-0280.