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Thorough Tear Gas Cleanup for Home or Business

Our Experienced Crew Makes Your Property Habitable Again After a Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, etc.

tear gas cleanupIf police have used tear gas to defuse a potentially dangerous situation on your property, you need professional teargas cleanup.

Tear gas is a powerful disabling agent, attacking the eyes, skin and respiratory system and leaving a nasty residue that is a lingering health threat. Law enforcement authorities often use dozens of tear gas canisters at a time, so cleaning up what is typically a sizable mess afterward should be handled by technicians trained in tear gas cleanup.

Our Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose crew employs its expertise in crime scene cleanup to rid your property of all traces of tear gas. We wear special suits and breathing equipment for protection, then methodically work to eliminate tear gas residue from everything, even structural wood studs within the walls as needed. We also can rebuild any damaged interior or exterior as we are licensed contractors.

Make your home or workplace habitable again with tear gas cleanup by Service Master All Care Restoration. Call one of our operators today at 408-885-0280.

FAQs About Tear Gas Cleanup

Common questions about Service Master All Care Restoration’s tear gas cleanup service:

  • Why should I hire professionals?  Removing the residue of tear gas is among the most challenging tasks faced by Service Master All Care Restoration crews. We use state-of-the-art clothing, gear and cleaning materials to both protect ourselves and be certain our cleanup is thorough.
  • How long does cleanup take?  Even our efficient technicians may take at least a week to completely rid a property of tear gas residue.
  • Why is tear gas residue so dangerous?  Lingering amounts of tear gas have been shown to be hazardous to the liver and other organs.
  • When is a property deemed safe?  Our experts decide a room is once again habitable by sniffing. There is no test to determine whether tear gas residue has been removed from a room.

For tear gas cleanup, call Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose at 408-885-0280, anytime of the day or night.

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