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ServiceMaster All Care's Expert Tear Gas Cleanup Services

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ServiceMaster All Care's knowledgeable technicians have been offering top-quality tear gas cleanup services for over two decades. We provide city services, insurance companies, commercial and residential clients with the safest and quickest possible cleaning techniques. Be sure to call us if your property is contaminated with tear gas. Phone 408-885-0280.

  • Tear gas cleanup services require special equipment and professional training.
  • Typically, tear gas is used by police officers in complicated situations such as crowd control or in an attempt to seize someone or something.
  • It is used in the form of aerosol cans; liquid particles are dispensed in a gaseous medium.
  • Tear gas causes immediate irritation to the mucous membranes in one's eyes, nose, mouth and lungs and results in tearing, sneezing and coughing.
  • The gas leaves a pink or other colored liquid on walls and surfaces. Tear gas cleanup services require special neutralizers to rid any area of toxins and smells.
  • Proper safety measures must be utilized to effectively remove the lingering residue and odor caused by tear gas.


For a safe and effective tear gas cleanup job, call in a qualified and experienced technician. The longer you wait after the tear gas has been discharged, the more difficult it is to clean. The gas quickly seeps into air ducts, sub floors and walls and will not leave your premises.

ServiceMaster All Care has the specialized equipment needed to remove all traces of tear gas with thorough and timely tear gas cleanup services.

For 24/7 tear gas cleanup services call ServiceMaster All Care at 408-885-0280.

Professional Tear Gas Cleaning Services

Let a trained and certified technician from ServiceMaster All Care provide you with tear gas cleanup services and you will avoid significant damage to the structure of your building. When tear gas is released, a potential hazard still exists until the entire area undergoes a complete cleanup and decontamination process. These chemicals are invisible to the human eye and exist in absorbent materials such as carpet and furniture. Tear gas can cause respiratory problems, headaches and other serious health hazards. Professional tear gas cleanup services by ServiceMaster All Care will soon restore your home or commercial space to its original state.

Contact the experts at ServiceMaster All Care if you require emergency tear gas cleanup services at your premises. Call us at 408-885-0280.