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Dry Ice Cleaning Saves Time and Money

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In the years since their introduction in the marketplace, dry ice cleaning machines have revolutionized the restoration and cleaning industries.

Service Master All Care Restoration employs dry ice cleaning machines for cleaning tough residues from fire, water, electrical and other damage or heavy usage from food service and machining. Call us today at 408-885-0280.

Dry ice cleaning offers our customers advantages such as:

  • Total cleaning. Dry ice blasting cleans all types of materials off surfaces - adhesives, grease, tar, and soot, to name just a few.
  • No waste. Dry ice melts upon contact, so there is no post-cleanup cleanup. The surface remains dry throughout the process.
  • No chemicals. Because dry ice cleaning machines use no toxic solvents or chemicals, there is no concern that harmful residues have been left behind.
  • Restorative capabilities. Restoration contractors such as Service Master depend on dry ice blasting to bring objects and surfaces that have been damaged in floods or fire to original condition.

The industrial practice of dry ice blasting, which involves shooting dry ice pellets out of a nozzle with compressed air, is growing every week. Cost-conscious businesses are realizing that gentle, effective cleaning through the use of environmentally-friendly methods will save them time and money while ensuring the health of employees and customers.

Wide-Ranging Applications for Dry Ice Cleaning Machines

Service Master All Care Restoration technicians use dry ice cleaning machines for all types of jobs. Some of the most common:

Restaurant cleanup. Bacteria connected to food storage or preparation is eliminated. Dry ice blasting is ideal for use on ovens, stoves, freezers, and other work surfaces.

Mold removal. Surfaces such as wood or drywall can be utterly cleaned of mold and bacteria.

Motors and engines. Working parts covered in oil and grease can be made nearly new with dry ice blasting.

Fire cleanup. Soot and odors are quickly eliminated from surfaces, saving time and money.

Medical cleanup. Equipment and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized while posing no health risks for patients or medical personnel.

Learn more about how Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose uses dry ice cleaning machines for the needs of residential and commercial customers in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, and Morgan Hill. Call one of our operators today at 408-885-0280.