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Effective, Safe Dry Ice Cleaning

New Technology to Remove Soot, Grime, Mold and Dirt

Dry ice cleaning has become an indispensable tool for Service Master All Care Restoration technicians working to restore your property after a fire or flood. 

Also known as CO2 cleaning, dry ice cleaning offers many advantages over more conventional methods of cleaning. It is fast becoming the restoration industry’s preferred way to remove soot, grease, mold, dirt, oil and other materials from items and surfaces.

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Here’s how dry ice cleaning works:

A Service Master All Care Restoration technician uses compressed air to shoot small pellets of solid carbon dioxide through a jet nozzle. The pellets interact with the materials on a surface while evaporating almost immediately upon contact, removing dirt or grime while leaving no residue, odor or harmful chemicals behind.

Because it is non-abrasive, CO2 cleaning does a remarkable job of removing mold and soot without damaging walls or surfaces. Service Master All Care Restoration has been able to reduce its use of powerful solvents by employing dry ice cleaning techniques in both homes and workplaces.

The Many Uses of Dry Ice Cleaning

The benefits of dry ice cleaning has led to its use in a variety of industrial settings, including dry cleaning stores, restaurants, and hospitals.

  • Unlike sand blasting, dry ice cleaning is a relatively fast procedure and leaves nothing to clean up, saving time and expense.
  • When water or steam is used to remove dirt or other materials, wet surfaces must be dried or allowed time to dry. Not so with dry ice cleaning.
  • CO2 cleaning is entirely chemical-free and endorsed by many environmental groups.
  • Surfaces such as drywall, fabric, metal and plastics are all easily cleaned using dry ice methods.

To be certain innovative technologies such as dry ice cleaning are used on your damaged property, call a Service Master All Restoration operator today at 408-885-0280. Restoration crews are available 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

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