Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination Services

Emergency Removal and Decontamination in San Jose, Santa Clara County

meth lab cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination is no ordinary cleanup job and requires the efforts of an ICRC and NIDS Certified company like ServiceMaster All Care.

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Locations contaminated with harmful lethal chemicals you need professional meth lab cleanup and decontamination services to rid the premises of harmful vapors, liquids and containers. Left unattended or improperly handled, these can cause serious health and safety risks. Timely cleanup by a knowledgeable and experienced company like ServiceMaster All Care will ensure that your premises are free from any toxic chemicals that may cause further risk.

Call us at 408-885-0280 for meth lab cleanup and decontamination services right away! We are located in San Jose, California and serve customers in surrounding areas, including Santa Clara County, Gilroy and Morgan Hill areas.

We provide 24/7 professional meth lab cleanup and decontamination services. Our ICRC and NIDS certified expert technicians will ensure that your residential or commercial premises are free from hazardous and odorless chemicals that exist on surfaces and in absorbent materials such as carpet and furniture.

ServiceMaster All Care will perform the following tasks during the meth lab cleanup and decontamination process:

  • Determine if the property was used for meth production
  • Properly air out the property before and during cleanup
  • Remove all contaminated items
  • Clean all surfaces with the proper cleaning products, equipment and personal protection
  • Clean the ventilation system
  • We also remove and safely dispose of containers of chemicals, heat sources, various types of lab equipment and any lab-related debris

In a meth lab site, a potential hazard still exists until the entire area undergoes a proper meth lab cleanup and decontamination process. Only trained individuals should clean up toxic chemicals in a meth lab, as these chemicals can cause respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation, headaches and other serious health hazards.

ServiceMaster All Care's licensed and certified meth lab cleanup and contamination teams have been around for 2 decades. We provide city services, insurance companies, commercial and residential clients with the quickest and safest possible cleaning practices. We only use the best products and recommended equipment.

Contact ServiceMaster All Care if you require emergency meth lab cleanup and decontamination for your home, commercial or retail property.