Co2 Blasting Equipment: We Use the Best

The Professionals at Service Master Use Dry Ice to Handle Those Particularly Difficult Cleanup Jobs


Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose uses the best Co2 blasting equipment available because we know our customers appreciate environmentally friendly cleaning methods that are also super-effective.

Call Service Master All Care Restoration today at 408-885-0280.There are various ways to clean industrial-size messes. Harsh chemicals eliminate grease and grime from all types of surfaces, but at a high cost: residue and fumes from some chemicals pose a health danger to employees, customers and the general public.

Other cleaning agents that claim to reduce harm to humans and the environment are also not very effective or take twice as long to do the job, adding to the cost.

Co2 blasting equipment is the answer. Co2 is better known as carbon dioxide, or dry ice. When dry ice is shot through a nozzle at pressurized speeds toward a surface, it cleans exceptionally well without abrasives and doesn't damage the surface.

Using dry ice also has the benefit of being a very tidy method of cleaning. Unlike sand or soda blasting, dry ice melts after contact, leaving no waste. Service Master All Care Restoration uses effective, environmentally safe Co2 blasting equipment to clean surfaces of problematic materials such as production residues, grease, paints or oils. Call us today at 408-885-0280.

Why Hire Service Master for Co2 Cleaning?

Not all Co2 blasting equipment performs in the same manner. You can be confident that Service Master All Care Restoration's technicians get your equipment, floors, and other surfaces absolutely clean, for two reasons:

  • We use the best Co2 blasting equipment available for restoration and cleaning. Equipment you can rent and do-it-yourself probably will not be industrial grade and of inferior quality.
  • We employ highly trained and skilled technicians. Our employees are experienced - they know how to get the best out of professional Co2 blasting equipment.

Call the professionals at Service Master All Care Restoration today at 408-885-0280 when you require an environmentally safe but effective method of cleaning. We've served residential and commercial customers in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, and Morgan Hill since 1981. We're available every day of the year, 24 hours a day.