The Versatile CO2 Cleaning Machine

From Mold Remediation to Greasy Industrial Equipment, Dry Ice Blasting Handles it All

The CO2 cleaning machine is Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose's cutting-edge cleaning tool. Got a particularly nasty mold infestation, or restaurant equipment with a thick layer of grease? Our CO2 cleaning machine, operated by trained technicians, is the solution.

The latest word in restoration technology, CO2 cleaning machines employ dry ice, or CO2 blasting to remove mold, paint, oil, grease, soot, corrosion - virtually anything - from all types of surfaces. Because they are highly effective and environmentally safe, these machines are used for tough cleaning jobs in a wide range of industries.

Service Master technicians use dry ice blasting on delicate jobs that require gentle cleaning, such as removing soot from old books, as well as large jobs in industrial settings.

Whatever type of cleaning you require, the CO2 cleaning machine can handle it. Call Service Master All Care Restoration at 408-885-0280 for more information.

Dry Ice Blasting with a CO2 Cleaning Machine Offers Many Benefits

Dry ice blasting, also known as cold jet blasting, offers several advantages over conventional cleaning methods such as sandblasting or plastic bead blasting:

  • No secondary waste. Sand blasting is messy and time-consuming. Seconds after the CO2 cleaning machine fires its pressurized stream of dry ice toward a surface, the pellets evaporate.
  • Absolute cleaning. Other methods of cleaning, such as wire brush scrubbing, are not as thorough or efficient, especially with difficult jobs such as mold remediation.
  • More efficient. Jobs that take several days using other cleaning methods take half as long by using dry ice blasting.
  • Allows working in tight spaces. Attics, closets, and other small areas are no problem for the CO2 cleaning machine.
  • Non-damaging. Dry ice blasting technology uses no chemicals, so surfaces are cleaned but never altered.
  • Items can be cleaned in place. The CO2 machine is versatile and compact, so there's no need to move equipment or items to open areas for cleaning.

Service Master All Care Restoration serves the San Jose metro area, including the cities of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Mountain View.

The safe-and-effective CO2 cleaning machine receives rave reviews from Service Master All Care Restoration customers. Call us today at 408-885-0280 to find out for yourself how well it can handle your cleaning needs.