Quick, Clean Dry Ice Blasting

This Mold-Removal Method is Environmentally Safe and Very Effective

Dry ice blasting is a labor-saving and effective method used by technicians at Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose to rid your home of toxic mold. This process is also used to safely remove smoke, oils, and other residue from everyday surfaces.

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Mold problems in homes and businesses have been well-known for years, causing breathing problems for children, senior adults and people with weak respiratory systems.

Dry ice blasting is an innovative method that eliminates mold from virtually all hard surfaces in the home or work place without releasing harmful mold spores into the air. Technicians use a wand-like tool to 'shoot' a surface with the solid form of carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice. The pressure with which the dry ice hits the surface removes mold completely.

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The Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is becoming the preferred way to eliminate toxic mold for several reasons:

  • No surface damage. Traditional methods of mold removal that call for scraping can damage surfaces such as drywall or wood studs. Dry ice blasting removes mold with little surface damage.
  • Leaves little mess. Dry ice, which is the solid form of carbon dioxide, quickly melts away, leaving a relatively dry surface and nothing to clean up.
  • Gets the hard-to-reach places. Dry ice blasting cleans corners and tight areas that are difficult to access using other methods of mold removal.
  • Environmentally safe. Dry ice contains none of the chemicals of other cleaning agents.
  • It's quick. Dry ice cleaning takes a fraction of the time of other cleaning processes, saving on labor costs and making mold removal more convenient for home- and business-owners.

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