Industrial Cleaning with Chemical-Free Dry Ice

CO2 Cleaning is Efficient, Thorough and Doesn't Damage Surfaces


There are many instances in which Service Master All Care Restoration saves your company time and money with industrial cleaning services that feature the use of dry ice, or CO2:

  • A storage tank in a plant or factory, for example, can be cleaned without harming nearby equipment. With dry ice cleaning, there is no need to spend time covering or otherwise protecting sensitive equipment from debris such as sand from sandblasting.
  • Paint can easily be removed from stone or brick surfaces. Rather than exhaustively scraping or applying caustic solvents and then wiping the surface, CO2 cleaning quickly and completely removes paint with no damage, leaving the surface ready for immediate repainting.
  • Sensitive electrical components can be kept dust-free and power failures avoided when Service Master All Care Restoration technicians periodically perform industrial cleaning using dry ice. This chemical-free cleaning method also won't get components wet.
  • A commercial restaurant range or other kitchen equipment can be thoroughly cleaned with dry ice and put back into service with little downtime. Removing grease from nooks and crannies by hand with traditional cleaning solutions can be labor intensive. Industrial cleaning with dry ice poses no health hazards and is safe for the environment.

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However it is employed, dry ice cleaning requires no secondary waste cleanup. Dry ice pellets harmlessly sublimate, or turn into gas, as they strike a hard surface. Your business is spared the added time and expense of cleaning up after the initial cleanup. Dry ice cleaning is also suited for a range of applications, from books to heavy industrial machinery.

Service Master All Care Restoration provides cleaning and restoration services throughout the San Jose area, including the cities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Saratoga.

Our technicians are trained and certified in dry ice industrial cleaning methods. If you want more information on how efficient CO2 cleaning can save your company time and money, call Service Master All Care Restoration today 408-885-0280.