Recover From Fire Damage Quickly

Our Cleanup Crews Thoroughly Eliminate All Remnants of Fire

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Recovering your home or workplace from fire damage is a difficult job best left to a professional restoration contractor. Call Service Master All Care Restoration in San Jose today at 408-885-0280.

The effects of fire damage can linger for years. A slow-burning fire fueled by food, for example can leave a sticky residue throughout a building that is virtually impossible to see, but the smell will remain.

Persistent odors can also be a constant reminder of fire damage. You might think that precious keepsakes or valuable documents that may be salvageable should go in the garbage.

The restoration technicians at Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose have the experience, equipment and knowledge to help you thoroughly clean up your property after a fire, no matter how extensive. Our record of nearly 25 years of residential and commercial restoration speaks for itself; northern Californians trust us to put their lives back on track after traumatic experiences such as a fire.

Speak to a Service Master All Care Restoration operator today at 408-885-0280. We're on duty every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Our crews are able to respond promptly, usually within hours of your call.

Various Types of Fire Damage

The extent and type of fire damage depends on several variables:

  • Fire Damage due to food. A food-type fire that starts in a kitchen can leave a residue that is particularly tough to clean. The effective cleaning techniques used by Service Master All Care Restoration crews not only eliminate residue left by fire but also the odors that can permeate all types of surfaces.
  • Fire Damage issues vary by location. A smoldering fire that starts in a small room or enclosed space carries smoke and soot throughout a building. Crawl spaces, duct work, cabinets and closets should always be examined for fire damage.
  • Fire Damage issues vary based on what's been burned. Plastics, wood, clothing, upholstery and industrial materials all are distinctive in the type fire damage left behind.

There's only one way to be certain you are eliminating all reminders of fire damage.

Call the professionals at Service Master All Care Restoration at 408-885-0280.

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