We Completely Remove Smoke Smell

Our Crews Have the Training and Equipment to Eliminate Challenging Odors

Remove Smoke Smell

Any property owner who has experienced afire understands how difficult it can be to remove the smoke smell from draperies, carpets, furniture, or clothing.

At Service Master All Care Restoration, fighting odors after a fire is among our toughest challenges, for several reasons.

  • The smell of smoke can persist for days, weeks, even years after a fire if not properly treated. Simply opening up windows, running fans or wiping down a few surfaces with conventional deodorizers won't get rid of the acrid scent.
  • Smoke and the resulting odor it creates can be pervasive throughout a structure. Even when fires are contained to relatively small areas of a home or business, it's difficult to remove the smoke smell because odors that are concentrated in a smaller room are so intense.
  • Smoke is often absorbed into the air ducts of a building and the acrid odor is recirculated every time the AC or furnace runs.
  • Persistent, unwanted odors can have devastating effects on a business or the family home, so Service Master crews use technologies and products that have been proven to eliminate even the most stubborn smells.

One example of our approach: In some cases, ridding surfaces such as drywall of a smoky smell is impossible. That's when encapsulating the odor with special paints and primers is the best option. Often walls are simply repainted with latex paint to eliminate odors, to no avail.

Other surfaces like floor joists or sub-flooring may have to be similarly sealed.

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Call the Professionals to Remove Smoke Smell

Several factors are taken into consideration as our crews work to remove smoke smells. Among them are room size, length of time the fire burned, and the materials that burned.

Once we understand the severity of the problem, Service Master technicians use industrial grade equipment, environmentally safe products and the latest restoration techniques to eliminate stubborn odors. Service Master All Care Restoration services customers in the San Jose metro area and the neighboring communities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Saratoga.

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