Smoke Damage - Cleaning and Restoration Services

Serving San Jose and Santa Cruz Areas

We clean smoke from the smallest locations in your home or commercial buildingIs your home or commercial building suffering from smoke damage due to fire, cooking or cigarettes? Don't know what to do to start repairing the damage and getting rid of that awful smell?

Let the experts at ServiceMaster All Care, located in San Jose, who are professionally trained in smoke damage restoration assess the damage for you quickly and efficiently! We've been in the business for 20 years and know what can be cleaned or repaired and what needs to be replaced. We will take care of the building and the possessions in the rooms which will hold onto the smell, and must be cleaned properly in order for the area to be back to normal.

Call our emergency call center now at 408-885-0280. >Our team at Service Master All Care, located in San Jose, stands by ready to assist you 24/7.

Most smoke damage is caused by fire, cooking and smoking. The best chance your commercial building or home has of surviving damage from smoke is by getting it cleaned properly and professionally.

The longer you wait to get rid of smoke damage, the more damage it can cause to its structure and contents. Not only do you risk permanently damaging your valuable home or areas of your commercial building with every moment you choose to wait, but you also risk paying more money to restore your property.

Let the Service Master All Care team expertly get your property back to normal. We'll get rid of the awful smell and the smoke damage using our environmentally-friendly products and professional cleaning equipment. You'll be able to get your life or business back on track fast and affordably.

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We've been cleaning, repairing and replacing smoke damaged property for 20 years throughout San Jose, Santa Clara, Morgan Hill, Cupertino, Mountain View and Milpitas areas, and now Santa Cruz County, including Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Boulder Creek and Fenton.