Abandoned Property Cleanup - Interior and exterior cleaning and deodorizing

Serving all of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area

ServiceMaster All Care provides professional abandoned property cleanup services in the Bay Area. We bring properties into code compliance by using our special cleaning tools and safety equipment. We'll eliminate any unwanted trash, contaminated debris and most importantly, health hazards. Our abandoned property cleanup experts will make certain that the area is safe, hygienic, germ-free and ready for occupancy.

For 24/7 abandoned property cleanup services call ServiceMaster All Care now at 408-885-0280.

ServiceMaster All Care's Abandoned Property Cleanup Services Include Removal of:

  • Rubbish/trash
  • Animal waste
  • Bacteria and mold
  • Insect/rodents
  • Clothing/household goods

Our knowledgeable abandoned property cleanup specialists take care of interior and exterior trash out services for buildings that have been abandoned. ServiceMaster All Care's complete and timely abandoned property cleanup services also involve properly disposing of whatever waste we collect from the cleaned up property. Waste such as animal carcasses or biohazardous materials need to be discarded separately from other debris including paper and clothing.

Banks, insurance carriers, property managers, realtors, and home and business owners call ServiceMaster All Care for abandoned property cleanup. We remove all contaminates from the area and strictly follow safety regulations and procedures.

Contact the experts at ServiceMaster All Care if you require abandoned property cleanup services in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.