Professional Infestation Cleanup After Extermination

Don't Risk Health Hazards that Bugs and Animals Leave Behind - Sanitize Your Home or Business

infestation cleanup

A restoration contractor such as Service Master All Care Restoration is singularly qualified to perform your commercial and residential infestation cleanup. 

It's our job to be as thorough as possible in handling cleanup after all kinds of catastrophes, including fires or floods. Our trained technicians painstakingly inspect your properties during and after restoration for complications such as mold that may cause disastrous problems months or years after the original catastrophe. 

A professional, thorough infestation cleanup and sanitation that overlooks no detail must still be conducted after an exterminator kills insects or animals to halt an initial infestation of your property. Here's why: 

  • Exterminators don't always remove droppings and carcasses after your property is treated for an infestation. This step is essential to protect the health of everyone who lives or works there.
  • Droppings from pigeons, rats, cockroaches, mice or other bugs or animals contain particles that can become airborne. You, your family or employees can contract allergies or even hanta virus by simply breathing in those particles. Dead carcasses are also a source of dangerous airborne particles.
  • Rodents leave scents that attract future infestations. If the scents are not eliminated, infestations may become a regular occurrence in your home or business.

Service Master technicians make certain all areas of your home or business that were infested are cleaned and disinfected. To ensure a thorough cleaning, our crews use floodlights to illuminate dimly lit areas such as attics and basements. 

Protect your home or business with infestation cleanup services by Service Master All Care Restoration. As part of our meticulous approach, we also seal potential openings on a property to prevent an infestation from reoccurring.

Infestation Cleanup at a Moment's Notice 

We're long-time restoration contractors that provide prompt infestation cleanup in the San Jose area including: Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Saratoga.

A Service Master All Care Restoration crew is always available to sanitize your home or business. For professional infestation cleanup call us anytime at 408-885-0280.