Effective, Permanent Odor Removal

Fire, Flooding or Other Catastrophes Can Create Smells That Require a Service Master Professional to Eliminate 

When something smells bad in your home or business call the odor removal experts, Service Master All Care Restoration at 408-885-0280. 

Effective odor removal involves dealing with the source of the stench. Often, property owners who believe they have gotten rid of an odor become frustrated because the odor returns. Our odor removal professionals know how to identify an odor and eliminate it so that you'll never smell it again. 

Over the past 24 years, Service Master All Care Restoration has helped thousands of customers who have suffered catastrophes such as fires or floods. Eliminating odors is frequently part of our job to completely restore a home or workplace to its pre-disaster condition. 

Call us today at 408-885-0280. Our operators are on duty 24/7 to answer your questions or to dispatch a crew to your property. You can be confident that Service Master All Care Restoration employees will work until your home is fully restored and odor-free.

Our Approach to Odor Removal 

The odor removal professional uses many techniques for detecting and eliminating odors. A Service Master technician uses a very non-scientific method for finding the source of most odors: their nose. 

Uncovering the source of a smell is often the easiest aspect of odor removal. Permanently eliminating the odor may require different techniques, depending on the circumstances. 

Neutralizing smells through thermal fogging is one approach. Using an ozone machine is another. Sealing off the small area from which the odor is emanating is a third option.

As difficult as it may be to live with odors in your home, odor removal for businesses is even more important. Customers are unwilling to patronize a place that smells bad, regardless of the type of business. 

Call Service Master All Care Restoration today at 408-885-0280 for quick, effective odor removal. 

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