Water Damage Cleanup If Your Bathroom Tub Overflows

Or Your Toilet, or Sink or Washing Machine...


Bathroom Tub Overflows

Flooding damage from a bathroom tub overflow, a clogged sink drain, a backed up toilet or a broken washing machine hose can be surprisingly extensive. 

When you need a quick, comprehensive restoration of your home or commercial space due to water damage, count on Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose to remove the water and repair the damage. We're trained professionals trusted by thousands of customers in northern California over the past 25 years. We also work with your insurance company. 

A bathroom tub overflow can be catastrophic if it occurs on the second or higher floor. Joists, ceilings and floors can be extensively damaged by water seeping from above. Left over time, it's possible that the integrity of an entire structure can be compromised. 

We respond to so many flooding calls every year, Service Master has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and safely remove standing water, soaked in water in wood and drywall, and fix the damage it causes. 

For help after a bathroom tub overflow, or for toilet overflow cleanup and repairs, contact the professionals at Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose. Our number is 408-885-0280, and we're available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

Why You Should Act Quickly Following a Bathroom Tub Overflow 

Any disaster that occurs on your property should be met with a speedy response, but there are particular problems inherent to bathroom tub overflow that make prompt action even more urgent. 

The water from a bathtub, as well as a sink, is safe and poses no immediate threat to health if you experience a bathroom tub overflow. But within a few short hours, bacteria and mold can begin to develop. Odors also become worse until wet and moldy materials are removed or adequately dried. 

If you have old water damage, we can also perform a mold inspection in case other problems exist. 

Don't wait to pick up the phone after you have experienced bathroom tub overflow. Contact a Service Master All Care Restoration operator for help with toilet overflow cleanup and repairs, as well. Call us 24 hours a day, at 408-885-0280. 

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