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A leaky roof may not be apparent until the water damage becomes visible and repairs are inevitable. Accumulated water on your roof can seep through the roof and ceiling of your attic. When you start seeing signs of water damage caused by a leaky roof, you'll notice chipped and peeling paint, bubbles in the plaster as it starts to come off, roof decay and dangerous mold growth. Not only will the leaky roof and water damage disfigure the insides of your attic, the water can drip on to the attic floor and seep through to the main living areas of your home, thereby creating more damage.

Call us right away for prompt leaky roof water damage repairs services at 408-885-0280. We'll be here 24/7 to stop your leaky roof from causing further water damage to walls, floors, carpeting, personal belongings, equipment and your property in general. We also work with your Insurance Company!

ServiceMaster All Care, located in San Jose, specializes in leaky roof water damage repairs for residential and commercial roofs. We help clients across Santa Clara County, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Milpitas, as well as Santa Cruz County - Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Ben Lomond, Day Valey, Felton, Interlaken, Soquel, Rio del Mar and Twin Lakes.

Common reasons for water damage caused by a leaky roof could be:

      • Bad weather or tree damage
      • Inefficient building structure
      • Exhaust fans installed in the wrong angles or areas
      • Negligence and oversight in previous roof repairs

water damage under carpet

Leaky Roof and Water Damage Repair Services

It's a good idea to check periodically for any signs of water damage or a leaky roof. A pair of binoculars is a handy tool! You'll know you have a leaky roof and water damage if you see:

    • Discoloration of the paint
    • Condensation or water droplets on the ceiling
    • Dripping water
    • Chipped paint and plaster
    • Soggy carpet, wet floor, damp walls
    • Mold growth
    • Damaged furniture, belongings and equipment

    Timely detection of a leaky roof and water damage repairs can help you prevent further deterioration. You can save on costly clean up, replacement of carpets, equipment, furniture and other belongings. Most importantly, you can avoid mold growth and secure your family's or employees' health.

    Our leaky roof water damage repairs services are available to you throughout San Jose, CA and Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties - anytime! Contact us now for fast response and clean up immediately when your leaking roof has started to cause water damage to your home or commercial premises.

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