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Mold Removal and Remediation

We Ensure Mold is Gone and Will Not Return

mold removal and remediationProfessional mold removal by Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose eliminates your mold problem once and for all. If you see mold in your home or business, call the Service Master All Care Restoration mold removal team at 408-885-0280.

When done by property owners or someone who is not certified, mold removal often falls short in two ways:

  • Steps to contain mold spores are not taken. When disturbed, spores can easily become airborne and spread to uninfected areas of a home or building.
  • The source of moisture, which mold needs to survive, is not addressed. Cleaning mold from an area that is perpetually wet does not solve the problem. Mold will simply return if the moisture remains.

Service Master’s mold remediation technicians have been trained to eliminate a mold problem for good. We contain and seal spaces in which mold has invaded to keep spores from spreading into the air.

We then use appropriate cleaning methods to remove mold from all areas into which it has spread. In many cases, our crews must remove and replace drywall, flooring, or carpeting if the proliferation of mold is extensive. Disposal of materials that are infected with mold is done in an environmentally safe manner.

Fixing the moisture problem depends on its source. In some instances, simple plumbing repairs are the solution.  Sometimes the problem lies with the foundation of a home or building.

Mold Remediation for the 21st Century

Clients frequently ask Service Master crews why mold has been touted as a health hazard only in recent years. Decades ago, clients say, mold was barely mentioned in the news.

Mold is a greater threat to the health of people who have allergies or other respiratory conditions today because homes are more heavily insulated than ever. While desirable from an energy-efficiency standpoint, a home that is sealed tightly restricts natural air flow and may actually encourage mold growth.

A Service Master mold removal crew removes mold completely, wherever it forms. We also inspect your property to identify the not-so-obvious areas in which mold may proliferate and take steps to ensure it cannot begin growing.

Service Master All Care Restoration serves San Jose and the nearby cities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Saratoga.

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