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We Clean Up Flooding from Broken Washing Machine Hoses

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broken washing machine hosesIf you experience a flood or water damage due to broken washing machine hoses, an overflow, backed up toilets or sinks, or a busted water heater, count on us to quickly and completely restore your home or property to the way it was. Often, we can clean up and renovate a space so fast that you won’t have to move your family for an extended period.

One of the most common cleanup jobs Service Master All Care Restoration is hired for is flooding caused by broken washing machine hoses. Broken washing machine hoses, while seemingly insignificant, can release a large amount of water in a short time. Standing water damages furnishings and the structure of a home, and also poses a health threat in the form of mold and mildew.

Call Service Master All Care Restoration of San Jose today – 24/7 - at 408-885-0280 to clean up the flooding caused by broken washing machine hoses.

How to Avoid Broken Washing Machine Hoses

Service Master All Care Restoration is ready to roll when you experience flooding due to a broken washing machine hose. But you can avoid the disruption and inconvenience of flooding if you take some simple steps to avoid flooding:

  • Check your connection. Often it’s a loose, not broken washing machine hose, that causes a flood. A tightening of the hose with a wrench can prevent a lot of damage, so why not take the time to check the connection periodically?
  • Install steel-braided hoses on the supply lines. If your hoses are rubber, replacing them every few years is also a good idea.
  • Place your washer in a containing pan or install an overflow drain. A large plastic tub under your washer can trap water for a little while if a leak occurs. If you have access under the area, a tub and drain can be installed to take water away from the area in case of an overflow.

When your property floods due to a broken washing machine hose, contact Service Master All Care Restoration – 24/7. Our number is 408-885-0280.

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