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Professional Flood Damage Restoration

Our Crews Respond Quickly to Make Your Home or Workplace Habitable Again

 Flood Damage RestorationProfessional flood damage restoration is the only way a property owner can be certain a home or workplace is habitable after flooding.

Even flooding caused by an overflowing sink or toilet presents problems beyond what a mop and bucket can handle.  Service Master All Care Restoration technicians are trained and certified in the four major aspects of flood damage restoration that must be addressed promptly after a flood occurs:

  • Physical damage. We’re professional contractors who specialize in quick rebuilds of homes and workplaces devastated by flooding. Your business can reopen or family is able to return home within days because our crews work efficiently to restore instead of remodel.
  • Mold. Eliminating mold is a priority because of the threat to health. Our crews use dehumidifying and drying technology so there is zero chance mold will grow anywhere in the structure.
  • Structural problems. Water can weaken joists, studs, flooring and drywall. Once standing water is removed and drying procedures completed, we test the integrity of the building or home and make necessary repairs.
  • Odor. Floodwaters can leave behind odors that linger for months. Service Master technicians clean and treat surfaces so that every room affected by flooding smells clean and fresh.

Service Master All Care Restoration offers flood damage restoration to commercial and residential customers in the San Jose metro area and neighboring communities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, Gilroy, Saratoga and Morgan Hill.

Flood Damage Restoration Includes Personal Items, Too

Salvaging photographs, books, papers or sentimental objects is an important facet of Service Master’s flood damage restoration services.

Our technicians are also able to salvage soiled or wet clothing, furniture, bedding and various household items, saving customers the expense and inconvenience of having to purchase new items in the days after a flood.

The key is beginning recovery efforts as soon after flooding as possible. It’s important to call Service Master All Care Restoration promptly at 408-885-0280 when you need flood damage restoration. We’re available 24/7, even on holidays.