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Commercial and Residential Sewage Cleanup

Don’t Take Health Risks. Call Us Immediately after Sewer Backups in Your Home or Business

Sewage CleanupThe professionals at Service Master All Care Restoration are trained and certified to handle the nasty business of sewage cleanup.

Since 1989, Service Master commercial and residential customers have trusted our technicians with sewage cleanup due to backup from toilets, drains and outside plumbing lines. We take our responsibility in this area seriously because of the health ramifications of exposure to raw sewage.

Sewage can bring disease-causing pathogens into your home or workplace. If these micro-organisms are allowed to persist in an enclosed area after a backup, a host of illnesses such as hepatitis, salmonella, and E-coli pose a threat to your employees, customers, or family and friends.

Direct contact with the micro-organisms isn’t necessary; breathing contaminated air can also sicken a person.

Service Master technicians wear protective gear, including rubber gloves, waterproof suits, and safety goggles when dealing with sewage catastrophes. Our crews eliminate dangerous pathogens through complete extraction of standing water and subsequent sanitization done to the high standards of OSHA and the EPA.

Furnishings or other items that cannot be disinfected are safely disposed of according to federal guidelines.

Depend on Service Master All Care Restoration for sewage cleanup that eliminates health risks to homes or businesses. Call us today at 408-885-0280.

We serve the greater San Jose area, including the communities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Cupertino, Campbell, Gilroy, Saratoga and Morgan Hill.

Sewage Cleanup Requires Prompt Professional Service

In the hours after your home or business is infected with sewage, cleanup must begin as soon as possible.

Many property owners attempt cleanup using common cleaning solutions, mops, and buckets, not realizing until many hours have passed that they need a professional to handle the problem.

Don’t hesitate to call Service Master All Care Restoration at 408-885-0280 for thorough sewage cleanup immediately after an overflow or backup occurs. Our operators are on duty 24-7 and will promptly dispatch a crew.